What do We do?

waht - What do We do?

Planting New Community Orchards

We will locate all free spaces that are unused, available and are not healthy for community engagement. We will partner with community leaders and members, together with various agencies and organizations to create community orchards that propagate food supply, promote biodiversity and strengthen community relations.

Reviving Abandoned Orchards

According to the National Trust, 60% of England’s traditional orchards since the 1950s have gonemissing due to the conversion of land for infrastructure and agricultural expansion. As a result, orchards are abandoned. Many rare varieties of fruits that are unique to certain localities are under threat. That is why we actively take part in rebuilding and reviving abandoned orchards and bring it back to a community orchard that is ideal for community engagement.

what2 - What do We do?

Maintaining Existing Orchards

We will identify and locate existing orchards in every city. We will make sure that the community orchards are properly taken care of and maintained. We will also check if the fruit trees are in good condition. Overall, we will evaluate and assess the status of these existing orchards. If necessary, we will perform maintenance techniques and harvesting procedures.

Providing Training and Education

In building a sustainable community, our members should be educated. The London Orchard Project provides education and training services. This involves lectures about starting an orchard, maintain and growing fruit trees, conserving the environment and natural resources, taking an active part in community engagement activities and much more.

Creating Sustainable Communities

Environmental, economic and social – these are the main aspects that should be enriched in creating sustainable communities. Without these three in mind, there will be an imbalance in the systems of our community. We should work hand in hand for the welfare of the present and the future generations to come.